Apps to Start With: Kindergarten – Grade 2

Over the past few weeks, I have been asked by a few different people for a list of the apps we loaded onto the iPads for our teachers to try out and experiment with over the Christmas break. So hence this blog. Below are screen shots (I find it easier to actually see what the icon looks like) of approximately 100 apps provided to our teachers to start with.

First I have to give credit to Janal MacDonald and the staff at Sandy Hill Elementary in Abbotsford School District. When I first started looking into apps for my teachers it was quite overwhelming. But after a visit to their school and seeing the iPads in action, it was not a huge leap to ask what apps they were already using with the students there. That was the beginning of my list and has since been supplemented with ones I’ve found (primarily through connections I’ve made on Twitter and Diigo).

It is also worth noting that these apps are for Kindergarten to Grade 2. And while there are many apps that would be useful at all grade levels, since this is our primary focus at West Langley, it only made sense to focus on these. And of course, even since I took these screen shots a couple weeks ago, I’ve found several more apps that I think would be great. But of course, one has to be cautious about doing too much too fast.

And a request please. If you know of any apps being used successfully in a primary classroom, please comment below and let me know. I know my teachers will come back after Christmas looking for more apps and the ones already tried and tested with students are always best.

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